Friday, November 22, 2013

Withdrawal defense «Abou Ismail» Court bans filming and broadcasting

Decided to Cairo Criminal Court , yesterday , the prohibition of broadcast and photography sessions trial Hazem Salah Aboismaeil , the founder of the party banner Salafist , former candidate for the presidential elections , on charges of fraud editor official , and submitted to the High Elections Commission , recognizing the non- naturalized parents nationality of a foreign country , as opposed to the truth , and adjourned the case to December 19 next session , to attend the hearing of witnesses and lawyers .

The court said , during the meeting , which saw interesting facts , she made ​​the decision to maintain the confidentiality of the sessions and the protection of witnesses and not to influence them , according to a transcript of the law.

And announced the defense for « Aboismaeil » withdrawal from the trial , after a delay of the hearing , and issued a lawyers issued a statement , saying that the secretary of the meeting, contact them by telephone prior to the meeting by one day , and later convened at nine in the morning , and therefore attended at eight in the morning and sat inside Hall until the second half at noon , and did not hold a hearing, such as a breach of the right to defense in turn - according to the statement .

The court , after the end of the meeting , issued a statement , saying that Magdy Mahmoud Abdel-Wahab , and Hesham Mohamed Shafei , the defense of the accused , forward a request to visit him in his prison, after obtaining a permit to visit on behalf of the South Giza college, and the prison administration Baalanama session yesterday , and the court agreed on attending .

She said the court , headed by Judge Mohammed Shereen Fahmy , in its statement , that after the expiry of a court hearing cases New Cairo, moved upon the decision of the Minister of Justice to the Hall Institute of Trustees of the police in the Torah .

I attended the wife « Aboismaeil » , and his three sons to the courtroom in nine in the morning , prior to the meeting and spoke « Aboismaeil » to his family told him that the withdrawal of the defense team about the delay of the hearing .

Following the hearing , the court appeal on the defendant , and refused to « Aboismaeil » reply to the court , judge scored it in the minutes of the meeting .

The Attorney General referred the « Aboismaeil » to « criminal » , the prosecution said that « the defendant committed the crime of forgery editor official , is to establish not get his parents on the nationality of a foreign country , if edited for submission to the Supreme Committee for the presidential election at that time within the nomination papers , that proved otherwise the truth not to carry his mother Nawal Abdul-Aziz Nour citizenship of any foreign state , with his knowledge and his mother Btgns U.S. citizen , as outlined investigations » .

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